Swift Transportation first opened its doors as Common Market in 1966, carrying imported steel from the Los Angeles harbor to Arizona and bringing cotton back from Arizona for export.

Having the instincts to find this sort of synergy has benefited founder Jerry Moyes from day one, and this creativity and proactivity have been a part of the company’s philosophy ever since. With his brother, father and another partner, Jerry grew the operation to $25 million in revenue in 1984 and to $125 million in 1990, with a fleet of 800 trucks.

Internal expansion with existing clients and new acquisitions have grown the company to its current state: in 2012, the company brought in more than $3.4 billion, operating more than 16,000 trucks. The network serves more than 40 facilities in the continental U.S. and Mexico, and the company also keeps a presence in every Canadian province. Swift has become the world’s largest motor carrier for truck loads.

Swift Transport Career Options

If you are interested in joining a top-notch transportation company, Swift has openings for you. In an organization as large and varied as Swift, there are many different types of responsibilities. Heavy haul, reefers and dry van are three of the most common options. However, you also have a choice about how you drive — solo or on a team. Right now, Swift has more than 750 teams driving out on the road. Some of the best performing teams are made of a husband and wife who enjoy being together on the road — and who enjoy fabulous financial compensation.

Once you establish yourself with Swift as a driver who is safe, courteous and reliable, you’ll see other doors start to open, including the opportunity to join a “dedicated” fleet. This permits you to carry loads for one client. Target, Wal-Mart and Home Depot are just three of our major clients that use dedicated drivers. You’ll have routes that are predictable and consistent, and your time at home will also be more predictable. These positions go to the very best drivers within our fleet.

Swift Trans Pay Scale

Swift Trucking Careers

Driving pay is by the mile and depends on your experience level and the number of miles for your dispatch. For new drivers, pay ranges between $0.25 and $0.41 per mile, with shorter hauls giving you a higher per-mile rate. After five years, that rate climbs to a range of $0.41 to $0.57.

If you have put together a track record as an outstanding driver over time, Swift Transportation can use you in the position of mentor. You’ll be responsible for helping recent CDL school graduates become confident and capable on the road.

Swift Trans
Do you have the physical tools to make loads secure and cover them with a tarp? Swift Transportation has a fleet with more than 500 flatbed tractors and more than 1,000 trailers in the Flatbed Division. Changes in the demands of our cargo clients mean that this division is becoming more and more important. It takes a special sort of driver to complete these sorts of assignments.

Are you interested in owning your own truck? Driving as an owner-operator means that you can have all the rewards of having your own small business as well as the freedom that the road gives. Your income can skyrocket into the six figures. Swift Transportation shares with you the terminal network, freight network, service and miles so that you can maximize your profit as an owner-operator. Swift offers generous programs to let you lease-purchase the newest model of Kenworth tractor for a reasonable cost. Swift also provides owner-operators with significant discounts for insurance, fuel, service and tires

Do you view driving as a way to finance your real career, rather than a career path to itself? Swift Transportation has a corporate division that also needs talented individuals. Swift believes in promoting from within, so if you show significant promise, the company will give you opportunities in corporate positions after you attain the right education. Swift grants tuition reimbursement to allow employees to receive training for such careers as human resources, finance, logistics, accounting and sales. If you start with Swift as a driver and progress in this way, you’ll have unique insights into the way the organization works. Quite a few members of the senior management team at Swift, including one of our past CEOs, began their Swift careers in the driving division.

No matter what your goals are in transportation, a career with Swift means that you are joining the industry’s leading carrier. Joining the organization gives you an opportunity to build an excellent employment history and pursue advancement and education as far as you choose.